Villages and wines: between Provence and Occitanie

Castillon-du-Gard, The Côtes-Du-Rhône U-turn

Hilltop village, fortified village, village where winegrowers were legion in the Middle Ages. A history of wine, of the women and men who made it, come what may.
100 €

Vénéjan and the Bellefeuille wine estate

Because there is nothing more useful than knowledge to make the world fall in love, this historical walk will make you discover a village, a wine estate and the rich history of the wines of the Côte du Rhône (please note: the Côte du Rhône ....).


A village that needs no introduction but which remains just as little known as it was before becoming the superstar of the Côtes-du-Rhônes. Wine, women and men, life flowing...


A Roman town, a medieval village, renowned wines since at least the 16th century. the village of Laudun and its port of Lardoise are must-sees in the Rhône Valley.

Exceptional visits in the lower Rhone Valley


If the small town of Uzès is not a village, it has all the charms. A visit to the city in the 16th century accompanied by an illustrious traveler from the end of this century.

L'ermitage de Collias 

A beautiful short hike to Collias to find a site humanized since the Paleolithic where today there is a remodeled Romanesque chapel, a source deified by the Gauls and the Romans, a powerful site...

From Estezargues To Domazan

Two villages, two terroirs, a marvelous cellar and an innovative estate (Château de Bosc), a historical stroll through the vines, history at your fingertips.
180 euros

Saint-Laurent la Vernède 

A small miniature fort of a few ares located north of Uzès, this new village from 1420 still in its original condition is a formidable historical object and a springboard to the 14th and 15th centuries which have left so many traces in the landscape.

Our expertise at the service of discovery in the lower Rhône Valley


From the aqueduct to the Pont-du-Gard, a visit to the most visited monument in the Gard department undertaken in an underhanded way by following the path of thieves: a visit in which the Pont-du-Gard will reveal itself in full.

La Baume near Sanilhac 

A short hike in the Gorges du Gardon to talk about wheat mills and the entire cereal industry in modern times, which saw these difficult technical devices work. A story of bread in a way.

The capitelles

It is to a history of the landscape in Uzège since the Middle Ages that you will be invited as part of this historical walk where you will discover among the beautiful capitelles of the region. All this in Arpaillargues where the village will also be invested and told.

Saint-Quentin la Poterie

A small town near Uzès where "Oules" were made, that is to say earthen pots, Saint-Quentin is a great destination to learn about the history of the southern village through the tragic history of a murdered witch in the 17th century.

A nomadic conference in the open air and in the summer

Dr. M. Palatan graduated from Montpellier III University with the title of Doctor. He was a scientific expert for the CCI du Gard during the development of the Grand Site du Pont-du-Gard. He has given columns in the major regional daily Le Midi-Libre. His research today focuses on daily life in the southern village under the Ancien Régime. He hosts outdoor conferences on many weekends out of season.